In 1998, the finding of the poem about the Dutch Jewish magician Ben Ali Libi started the inception of the first project of The Magician Daughter Productions.

It all started as a documentary, searching for the magician, who seemed to have been killed in the Holocaust.
Now, more than 15 years later this labor oflove has turned into 3 projects, a 52’ Dutch tv-documentary and an an expanded 90’ international documentary as well as the feature film version The Magician’s Daughter.


a 52 min Dutch tv-documentary and a 90 min theatrical international documentary

This documentary, formerly titled Disappearing Act, evolved from a labor of love mainly driven by producer/director Gerrie Timmerman and a slew of volunteers and supporters to the currently co-production of  a 52’ tv-documentary with Dutch broadcaster NTR and production company Zeppers Film. The Dutch documentary will be directed by DirkJan Roeleven.

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a feature film

While researching and producing Disappearing Act, it became clear to director Gerrie Timmerman that there was a parralel storyline evolving, which included her personal past with her own magician father who died before they could mend their broken  relationship. To make this universal father daughter relationshipstory more accessible to audiences worldwide, Gerrie decided to develop this interwoven story of two magicians and their daughters into a feature film.

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