Director’s View: October 2001

Locations negotiations

For some time now, I had wanted to film in the Tuschinski Theater, one of Europe’s most beautiful movie theaters and one of the locations where Ben Ali Libi supposedly had been performing in the thirties.

I had no expectation whatsoever, that I could really film there, as it is one of Amsterdam busiest movie theaters. What luck I had when I found out that they were renovating. And they were willing to give us the theater for a weekend to do our shooting. Curt did an amazing job with the lighting of the half tore down inside of the theater, lighting those spots that reminds us of the golden days before WWII.

I felt that week lucky, guided and at ease while shooting. All three days of shooting were blessed with the right kind of weather, the unexpected miracles I got used to during the making of Disappearing Act, and when we got the demo footage in the can we celebrated with Dutch gin and Italian food.

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