Director’s View: 1st Quarter 2002

Editing on a Dinosaur

In May, we were lucky in getting the offer of editing our demo on an Avid that had been used for the Academy-Award winning documentary The Last Days. I am only hoping it will rub off a little.

Gail Yasunaga, who I had talked to about the project in 1999 was available and interested to help bring her editing magic to the demo.

In the mornings we would start reading my editing script and try to piece the things together.

It took me three complete rewrites to get the demo down to 9 minutes and down to the nitty gritty of the story, which made it sometimes feel like therapy as the story has become so personal.

Although not purple, the Avid was a friendly dinosaur with its own mind. A little lazy, which prohibited us from doing any fancy moves. Just a little move would take four hours rendering.

But as we say in Holland, you can’t look a given horse in the mouth and believe me, without this generosity of the dinosaur’s keeper the demo film would not have been finished.

After the edit, the tape went to my good friend and amazing composer Elliot Anders, who both did the music and the sound mix with astonishing result. He captured both my personal memories to my father in music as well as managing to set the right tone to accompany the Ben Ali Libi story line, not an easy task to do.

Listen to the music on the demo.

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