The Magician’s Daughter Productions was established in 1995 by Dutch-born filmmaker Gerrie Timmerman. The name of the company is a tribute to her father, who was a magician and amateur filmmaker, installing the love of cinema in his daughter.

The company pursues film projects that keep audiences in a state of wonder, like the magicians and pioneer filmmakers from the early days or cinema, who created cinematic illusions that left their audiences with the same feeling of amazement as did the magic acts that came before them.

After more than a decade of work put into the labor of love project Disappearing Act, chronicling the search for a Jewish magician vanished in the Holocaust, the documentary project had started principal photography by director DirkJan Roeleven, in a co-production with the Dutch production company Zeppers Film and the the Dutch public broadcasting network NTR, with a scheduled air date on May 4, 2015.